Millie Wilkinson interviewed by Olivia Broadbent Smith

What is your favourite bit of Fair Day?
My favourite part of Fair Day is the fact that everyone is the in the village and everyone turns out. I like how everyone watches the procession through the village.

What do you think makes our community so special?
The fact that [as a community] we all come out and there are different days throughout the year where the whole village comes together, like seeing the Mummers on Boxing Day.

Where is your favourite place in Ditchling?
I like all of it. I spend a lot of time in the Church because I’m a bell ringer, so I spend quite a lot of time 'round there and it’s really pretty with the old stone work and everything. I also walk through the village a lot to get to my school so I see the scenery most days and I like the change in seasons.

What does this nomination mean to you?
It means a lot to know that people in the village recognise that I do like being part of the village, that I like living here and everything about it really.

Did you have anything else you’d like to say about Ditchling?
I just think that it’s a really nice place to live and everyone is so friendly.

David Cragg nominated Millie

You nominated Millie and you said in your nomination it was because of her commitment as a bell ringer for the Church. Can you tell us a bit about why you think this is something to be celebrated on Fair Day?
We normally ring the Fair in about 8 o’clock in the morning and Millie would be there. When we have an open day, Millie has volunteered to help show people 'round; on quiz nights she’s helped with serving at the table; in the Museum she’s helped there, washing up when Friends of the Museum have open evenings. So she likes to get involved

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About Ditchling Fair

In 1312 King Edward II granted John de Warenne, Lord of the Manor, the right to run a Fair in Ditchling 'in the eve and in the day and in the morrow of St Margaret the Virgin' and thus was to be celebrated on July 20th.

More information is on The Ditchling History Project website...