Village Gems

  • As part of 2016's Fair theme of "Kith, Kin and Community" we wanted to change the way we chose our Fair Queen. Instead of the old beauty pageant style selection process where people would put themselves forward for voting, we decided to change it to a nomination process where candidates were nominated based on good deeds and as role models for our community.

    We ended up with four candidates and as they all represented the theme of the fair so perfectly we decided to celebrate them all and retitle them to be the Ditchling Village Gems!

    On Saturday the 5th March we had a Celebration Evening where we introduced the Village Gems to Ditchling Village and interviewed both them and the people who nominated them. Below are the interviews...

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About Ditchling Fair

In 1312 King Edward II granted John de Warenne, Lord of the Manor, the right to run a Fair in Ditchling 'in the eve and in the day and in the morrow of St Margaret the Virgin' and thus was to be celebrated on July 20th.

More information is on The Ditchling History Project website...